bl-hws-k mini

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Uncomplicated operation and variable

  • Barrier – horizontal recessed in floor/ground
  • Pneumatically controlled
  • Fully automatic




1000–5000 mm


 Special situations

up to 20000 mm



500–1000 mm


 Special situations

up to 1800 mm


The automatic Flood Barrier BL/HWS-K is suitable for a wide range of situations. Depending on its design it can accommodate frequent day to day traffic and heavy vehicles.

A compressible, highly durable seal is mounted horizontally within the flood barrier system. Vertical Sealing posts ensure a leak tight seal against the wall. The Flood Barrier is made from galvanised steel or stainless steel 304 or a combination of both.

The Barrier body, firmly bolted in hinges, is reinforced and includes mounting eyes for pneumatic cylinders. The cylinders are linked to unique mounts, which are likewise securely bolted to the barrier frame. The Flood Barrier BL/HWS-K is actuated by the push of a button or triggered automatically by water sensors. The water sensors are preset and monitors rising water levels. When actuated, the Flood Barrier closes fully automatically or travels back into the standby position. The barrier is designed to be failsafe. Loss of power or air will automatically trigger the system.

The required operating pressure is 4 - 10 bars. To meet safety requirements, the flood barrier is fitted with an acoustic warning signal. A visual warning light can be included to signal traffic or personnel that the barrier is in operation.

Pneumatic cylinders used are suitable for outdoor installations.


Video showing the acceptance test of the installed barriers

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