bl-bdd-pm mini

Article Index: 074, 075, 076


  • horizontal swivelling capability
  • Pneumatically controlled – fully automatic


Standard height:

100–1000 mm

Standard length:

up to 12000 mm

Special situations:

upon request


50 mm



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Suitable for crack-free surfaces with up to 20 mm (± 10 mm) of floor/ground unevenness, e.g. concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc.

The Retention Barrier is comprised of two trapezoidal, integral hollow aluminium profiled sections (elements). A compressible, highly adaptable special seal is affixed on its lower sides and end faces.

Both swivelling devices are securely mounted and sealed to the floor/ground and wall next to the opening to be protected. The closure bodies, firmly bolted in the hinges, are reinforced in the centre and provided with a mounting eye for pneumatic cylinders. A thrust-type tension device is also mounted on one of the closure bodies. Pneumatic cylinders are linked to the special mounts. Operating pressure 4-10 bar.

Barrier bodies and mounting fixtures are furnished with a red paint finish, preferably “traffic red” RAL 3020. The remaining metal components are galvanized or made of aluminium.

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